MMDB Solutions can create large systems that are scalable, maintainable, manageable and have a high degree of performance under load. Enterprise class systems are another way in which MMDB Solutions can construct, implement and deploy large scale projects across your enterprise.  Whether the system is for internal or external use, MMDB Solutions will review all aspects of enterprise systems, including, but not limited to:  security, scalability, extensibility, maintainability, performance and integration. Integration with other, typically third party, systems is critical for enterprise system development.  

Not every system that MMDB Solutions constructs is for an enterprise level application.  MMDB Solutions has created systems for a single user, to small groups to several thousand users, to internet-wide applications.  MMDB Solutions has the knowledge to choose the right architecture and right technology to solve your business needs efficiently and quickly.

 MMDB Solutions has vast experience in gathering requirements, drilling down into business rules and understanding the concerns in any business model.  Our requirements documentation service gives you the ability to have requirement professionals gather, document, and define requirements, terminology, and functionality in a way that is clear to anyone in the industry or outside the industry.  MMDB Solutions believe that if great requirements documentation is completed, then an artifact is created for testing and training at other stages in the project.  These initial project documents prove invaluable from the perspective of creating a living document to guide the project to completion. MMDB Solutions will assign staff from our architectural and design staff to either design your system on your behalf, or review design considerations before you embark on the construction phase of your project.  With any MMDB Solutions architectural and design consulting our very own CTO will review the final design to ensure that it meets current best practices, employs the best design patterns and meets the needs of the requirements without creating complexity that is not needed for the project. 

MMDB Solutions follow Microsoft recommended best practices when creating your solution.  We evaluate peak usage, data availability, security and performance up front with every project utilizing this technology and also help our customers understand their cost of ownership of this system.  Many organizations today do not focus on your cost of ownership and life expectancy of software, but at MMDB Solutions we value our customers, their hard earned revenue, and want to maximize the benefit they get from our systems.

By creating our systems as web applications, our customers are given several hosting options.  First, we offer for our customers to host their systems after the completion of the project.   This option is designed for our clients that have large IT organizations and are looking for MMDB Solutions to create and install a single project, but can maintain and host the application upon its completion.  The second option we offer is dedicated server hosting.  MMDB Solutions contracts with only the best dedicated server hosting companies and will configure your system on their servers to ensure that the best service level agreements can be met.  This option is designed for small to medium organizations looking for maximum performance and maximum data security.  Our staff handles all the upgrades, maintenance and keeps the client worry free in regards to the software installation and support.  Our final option is to install your software in a shared environment.  This is the most cost effective way to host applications created by MMDB Solutions, but performance and data security are not maximized.  This option is designed for our smallest clients and clients with a low load volume.

MMDB Solutions utilizes the latest Microsoft.NET framework for it's development purposes unless our clients specifically request a previous version.  This choice is made to maximize the software life expectancy and feature sets that can be utilized.  Our systems are designed in a object oriented fashion, which means reuse, extension and maintenance is maximized for all of our clients.  The best part is our solutions can come with or without source code so that your internal resources may modify it how they see fit, and you are not continually required to contact MMDB Solutions for small changes.